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Men's Turtleneck Sweater

Men's Sweaters



Men’s sweaters have been around for a number of years. They were originally a piece of clothing designed to cover the arms and torso of the body.

Some are used to keep the body warm, but lately a lot of designs are constructed in such a way that they are aesthetically pleasing. The fact of the matter is, there is a huge range of men’s sweaters on the market, so there is certainly plenty of choice.

Men’s sweaters are also known in different parts of the world as jumpers, pullovers, sweatshirts and even jerseys. While they keep the body adequately warm on their own, generally a shirt or t-shirt will be worn underneath. The reason for doing so is simple, sometimes wearing a sweater makes the body too hot, and so individuals can remove it and be cool by just wearing a shirt or t shirt that is underneath.

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While the majority of men’s sweaters used to be made from wool, these days they are made from all types of materials.

A lot of sweaters these days are made from synthetic fibers and in some cases; they are produced using different grades of cotton. Of course, the material and the quality of that material tends to determine the quality of the end product and therefore, the price.

Traditional people would use a lint roller to maintain a sweater, but since then, different procedures have been put into place.

Premium sweaters are sometimes made from lightweight, but temperamental materials - this means that they need to be treated with care. For this reason, they tend to be hand washed, or in a washing machine on a light wash to ensure the materials are not damaged.

Men’s sweaters must not be confused with cardigans. Cardigans zip up at the front, allowing the individual to feel the breeze. The difference with cardigans and sweaters is that sweaters have no zips; they are typically a pullover type garment.

Sweaters come in all shapes, sizes and colours, including turtleneck sweaters for men, or mock turtlenecks. Nowadays, a lot of people are brand conscious, which means manufacturers with a good name for offering premium clothing can ask a much higher price for their garments. In fact, while a simple men’s sweater could cost less than $10, a turtleneck with a premium brand name on it could cost as much as hundreds of dollars.