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Men's Turtleneck Sweater

Men's Mock Turtleneck


Men's mock turtlenecks have been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years. For quite some time, mock turtlenecks were considered to be out of style, or at least a style from the past. That is not as true today. Today, many people wear mock turtlenecks and they are considered to be quite fashionable.

Before you purchase your men's mock turtleneck, you may want to decide exactly what you are looking for. First, choose how much you are willing to pay for the mock turtleneck. They can range greatly in price, but can be relatively inexpensive items unless you are looking for a designer turtleneck. Then, you need to decide what material you would like the turtleneck to be made from and what color you would like it to be as well.

Then, you should comparison shop to find the best price that is available in your area or online. If you are interested in purchasing a men's mock turtleneck but are not sure how you should go about it, you may want to consider the following additional information.

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Find a men's mock turtleneck for the right price.

There are many things that can affect the price of a men's mock turtleneck sweater, similar to the issues affecting prices of full length men's turtlenecks. The most obvious thing that will affect the price of the shirt is the designer. If you are picking up a mock turtleneck from a big brand name, you can expect to pay more for the name alone.

If you are looking for a lesser known brand of men's mock turtleneck, then you can expect to pay less. They can range in price from anywhere around the $10 range all the way up to several hundred dollars depending on what you are looking for.

Choose a style of turtleneck.

There are several different styles of men's mock turtlenecks that are currently popular. Some of them rise higher, above the neck line and resemble more of an actual men’s turtleneck. Others are cut lower and offer a little more space between the chin and the collar. It is important that you know what you are looking for before you go shopping so you can narrow the selection down.

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Pick a material you would like.

Choosing the material is an important piece of the shopping process. Look through your current shirts and figure out which materials are best suited and most comfortable for you. They come in all of the basic materials with the most common material that is used for men's mock turtlenecks being cotton and wool, similar to other types of sweaters for men. They also come in other materials including polyester and silk. you may also want to try the shirt on prior to making any purchases.



Pick a color that looks good on you.

Picking a color that looks good on you is as important as any other step in the process. Try to choose a color that looks good on you in other styles of shirts as well. Keep in mind that many men's mock turtlenecks are warn as an undershirt, or are at least covered by another type of jacket or sportcoat.